True Awakening RETREAT (Bali)


When: 05/08/2017 - 05/15/2017

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Bali, Indonesia


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Contact Name: Robyn Collins



On a True Awakening Retreat:

- You will learn how to stay "Present" and at peace with the still and silent core of your Being even in the midst of chaos and heartache.

- It is about knowing who you REALLY are. Knowing , loving and living as your True nature that transcends above and beyond all physical limitations and boundaries.

- Discovering the original core of stress , anxiety , exhaustion and depression and becoming FREE forever

- A deep exploration into limiting tidal waves of self disruption , sabotage, addictions , fixations and the final surrender into the ocean of eternal peace

- Embracing life and relationships with Radical Acceptance

- The final pathway to Soul liberation - Ending the search for Enlightenment for good.

Foundational teachings on retreat are based on AGAPE Love :

"To reach AGAPE Love is to reach into the innermost core of your Divine Being ♥ AGAPE belongs to the ultimate depth of your Being that is an Ego - Less love. It is where personal love is dissolved and only pure radiant silent love prevails. Agape is a transmission of embodied, incarnate and ever present communion that transforms your Soul and your entire human existence."

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