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SynergyCafe is an internet broadcast program “Interview Format”. The interview is “recorded” and then the recording is “strategically” promoted to a targeted audience with keywords and hashtags on a variety of Social Media platforms, Blogs and Mailing List(s).

Interview Length can be 10 minutes upto an hour. In the interview you will be asked the basic Who, What, Where, When, How and Why? Then we will get into your current or upcoming projects, programs, products, services, workshops, seminars, retreats or events etc. AND WRAP with any offers or CTAs (Calls To Action) you might have.

The intention of the interview is to introduce YOU to the viewers, fans and followers in our networks, and accelerate the "know, like and trust" factor to the masses of people online.

Why do you charge for this service?

Simply put, SynergyCafe Interviews have "long-term" VALUE. These interviews provide value multiple ways. 1) We pre-promote your interview, so you get exposure in advance. 2) The SynergyCafe Interview is getting you exposure to our multiple networks (ie Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) as our Synergy Collaborative is posting out links of the interview. 3) We provide additional post-interview promotion as we re-purpose the interview content and re-post onto other social media networks, and these posts have online longevity in our internet real-estate giving you long-term exposure. It’s a Win-Win-Win “synergistic” relationship.

SynergyVentures offers Results Focused, Cause Based, Digital Internet Products. Advertising Programs and Consulting. To Request a Complimentary (no-obligation) Strategy Proposal CONTACT: BRAD “MagicBrad” GUDIM at 612-242-6468


The SynergyCafe collaborative process is a “long-term” strategy, based on recording the interview, posting it on multiple internet platforms, and then strategically propagating it out online using relevant keywords to attract a targeted specific audience, relevant to the guest/topic of the interview.

PHASE 1: Let’s Connect! - >> IMPORTANT <<

(If you desire, we can get on the phone or Skype for a Strategy Session in advance.)

SynergyCafe is done on a VIDEO Platform.

We need to get connected PRIOR to the SynergyCafe Interview.
(NOTE: Let’s get online, at least 5-10 Minutes prior to interview time)


Let’s Connect on other Social Media also:


Twitter: @MySynergyCafe | @MagicBrad | @MagicBradMktg


PHASE 2: The Interview Video is Shared on multiple networks.

The interview is then uploaded, and propagated out to Social Media.2015-04-29_0621-youtube-share.png

PHASE 3: Blogs are Dynamic! Video is Epic!

The recorded interview VIDEO is embedded on various BLOG posts, along with relevant content and keywords. These posts, are then propagated out online using their respective Social Media Share Buttons on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc.

MySynergyCafe BLOG:

PHASE 4: Our Email List

A summary of the interview, with links to the Interview Blog Post and your webpage(s) is emailed to our list of 5,000+ subscribers.

PHASE 5: Synergy Collaborative

To maximize the exposure of your interview, we ask that you collaborate and “synergize” with us. When you see any of the SynergyCafe interviews online, use the Social Media Share Buttons to spread the message out on the internet. -- “A Rising Tide, Lifts All Boats.”



Investment $77