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MySynergyCafe directory service is a UNIQUE Advertising Platform.

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What makes BRAD-vertising on "MySynergyCafe" UNIQUE?


I know... the term "BradVertising" is a little corny. --  But read on.


I've coined it "BradVertising" because it's different. BradVertisng is not "static". It's DYNAMIC.


What makes advertising (BradVertising) on MySynergyCafe UNIQUE is the "Human Touch".


We implement "collaborative promotion" on Social Media, with "real human" interaction and engagement. (Your ADs and LISTINGs don't just sit static and wait for prospects to browse by.) We are PROACTIVE and STRATEGIC.


Your listings are optimzed for search engines, but we don't rely on SEO alone. We strategically promote the listings via the "share buttons" on the site. In addition to organic SEO traffic, our staff, affiliates, partners and colleagues´╗┐ (humans) are taking action and being proactive´╗┐ using the SHARE BUTTONS to propogate the listings and postings onto the internet and on various Social Media Platforms, like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter etc.


Once you have selected your ad and created your account, your directory items are controlled entirely by you. (we will help). When you log-in, you have access to an Advertiser Interface where you can change any details, add images, update text, add special promotions and much more!


You have OPTIONS! (All month-to-month. No long-term contracts)

You can advertise Listings, Events, Classifieds, Articles and Banner Ads.

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Want even MORE VALUE?

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Synergy Collaborative


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This can seem complicated, I know... and that is why I have listed my personal cell phone below.

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