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As a Your True Power member, you’ll receive instant, unlimited, at-your-convenience access to all the yoga, Pilates, & stability ball workout videos within my extensive library. Workout videos range anywhere from 12 to 90 minutes and vary greatly in regards to intensity. So, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts – I’ve got you covered.

New workout, informational, and guest videos are added each month. And, your membership comes with a ton of bonuses. Such as, 101 videos to help you learn the basics, at your desk workouts, yoga with your kids, and so much more!

If you have a gift or free access (promo) code to use, click on one of the registration buttons below and you’ll be brought to an order form where the code can be applied. Please note that you will have to put in your credit card information in order to gain your complimentary access. However, your card will not be charged unless you decide to continue your membership past your complimentary-access period.

Fitness DVDs, that only offer you one workout, typically cost $10-$15. A yoga class can easily run up to $20. And, it’s not uncommon to pay up to $100/hour for 1-1 Pilates training. You have waited long enough. This is truly the most affordable, fun, convenient, and effective way to make fitness work for you! I can’t wait to see you over there, in our online oasis!