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Minneapolis Wellness

Our Mission is to provide high-quality individualized health care services, promote lifestyles that foster health and healing, and create an inclusive, welcoming clinic environment that nurtures both our patients and practitioners.

SATTVA Wellness Center

Sattva Healing Arts offers a space where the body and spirit are soothed, the heart nurtured and the mind acknowledged; creating a supportive pathway into deeper healing. SATTVA [suht-vuh] Sanskrit 'being, essence' spiritual goodness and purity.

Phone: 612-703-2588


Synergy Collaborative

The Synergy Collaborative Alliance believes in cooperation. We also believe in ease and simplification with essential elements. When we "synchronize energy" (SYNERGY) we accomplish more together.

Price $99.00

Phone: 612-242-6468


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Teal Swan - Philia Retreat Center

In Ancient Greece, there were four words for love… Eros, Agape, Storge and Philia. Philia stood for deep friendship and affection. It represented a mutual heart to heart connection that gave rise to fondness between people.

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