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TIME is an ILLUSION according to EINS...

by on 09/27/2016 - 07:56 am
Category: Leisure Travel

This VIDEO (10 minutes and 31 seconds) will give you a very different outlook on what time is, and how it is perceived with each individual.

Albert Einstein was very clear in his day.
Physicists are very clear now.
Time is not absolute, despite what common sense tells you and me. Time is relative, and flexible and, according to Einstein, "the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion". So reality is ultimately TIMELESS. This sounds pretty bizarre from the view of classical physics, but from the view of consciousness theory and spirituality, it fits in perfectly.

If TIME was MONEY ...

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Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitne...

by on 09/22/2016 - 05:03 am
Categories: Leisure Travel, Personal Development

Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor – Build YOUR Personal BRAND with a Blog.

As a Yoga Teacher, YOU should build your own personal BRAND with a Blog. Same goes for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors. If you own your own studio, you might consider building a “brand” for the school or the business as well, but building a brand for YOU is the most important, if you are planning to continue long-term as a Yoga Instructor, Fitness Teacher Personal Trainer. Even people that are certified in Zumba, or Nia, should consider building YOUR OWN BRAND.

A Blog is the perfect platform for that, and I can teach you how to get your Blog designed and built ou ...

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Costa Rica Vacations - Yoga, Wellness...

by on 09/03/2016 - 10:14 am
Categories: Leisure Travel, SPIRITUALITY, WELLNESS

Considering Coasta Rica for a Wellness Retreat?
Costa Rica is a place I've not "yet" visited, but plans are on the horizon. I am in process of pulling together a project for a "Wellness Center" on a plot of land being developed by my friend Nick.
Nick has a development called Las Villas de San Buenas in Costa Rica, and has asked me to help him with the 'Wellness Center' aspect. We are looking for people from various areas of expertise to help us manifest this vision.
So... if you know of any Yoga Instrutors, Retreat Coordinators, Investors, Lifestyle Marketers, Travel Bloggers etc etc, there is plenty of room for your skils and talents.

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Cash Flow Quadrant: Facebook LIVE

by on 08/25/2016 - 10:06 am
Categories: Business Coaching, Leisure Travel, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development

The ability to be FREE and MOBILE is my prefered DESIRE.
I am not comfortable being stuck in a single space, and limiting my income (personal value) by an "Hourly Rate". I feel my "value" is relative to the outcome from my efforts.
Also, I prefer to "collaborate" rather than competing. The universe is abundant and provides a lot of opportunity.
This is why I created the "Synergy Collaborative".
This VIDEO was created on Facebook LIVE and uploaded it onto YouTube. (I'm still learning about this Facebook LIVE Platform.)

www.FollowMa ...

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TULUM MEXICO - 36 Hours in 6:22 minut...

by on 08/18/2016 - 08:06 am
Categories: Leisure Travel, SPIRITUALITY

36 Hours in Tulum, Mexico in Seven (7) Minutes.
This VIDEO shows 36 Hours in Tulum, Mexico in ONLY 6:22 minutes.
If you have not yet been to Tulum Mexico, when you do go, you are in for a VERY enlightening experience. Tulum is THRIVING with energy for the mind body and spirit.
IMAGINE yourself laying on the beach, practicing Yoga or strolling though the ancient ruins of the Maya.
This brief VIDEO will give a taste of what you can expect.
(Wake your spirit and come THRIVE with us)

Come THRIVE with 'MagicBrad'.
BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM

Go Green with Premier Transportation

by on 07/17/2016 - 10:20 am
Categories: Event Marketing, Leisure Travel

Going Green has been a "buzz word" for quite some time now, but what does it really mean? Going green is a Conscious LIFESTYLE. It is a way of being. Being "green" is about how you live in your personal life, as well as how you operate your business and career. My friends at Premier Transporatation practice green principles in their business. They are the first "Green Ride Global" member in Minnesota, which speaks VOLUMES exemplifying they operate their business with the customers and the community in mind. Both locally here in the Twin Cities and all over the earth.
You can learn more below, and if you are planning an activity for your group (Yoga Festival, Wellness Retreat, Compan ...

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Amansala Tulum Mexico Yoga Retreat Ce...

by on 07/15/2016 - 08:18 am
Categories: Leisure Travel, SPIRITUALITY, WELLNESS

AMANSALA is a Retreat Venue in Tulum, Mexico. Although I've never stayed there, I feel as though I've walked on their beach sand. If fact, I'm pretty sure I have. My wife Monica has been to Tulum many times, and a few years back, I took her to Tulum for a mini-vacation to escape the Minnesota winter. Fortunatly for me, Monica speaks fluent Spanish, so I had a personal interpreter for our trips into town. We plan on visiting again soon. (Join Us!)

After review of their website today, I learned about some of the Yoga Retreat Programs they offer and I wanted to share them with you, so you have some ideas for planning YOUR NEXT YOGA RETREAT.
AMANSALA is the ideal setting for ...

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Why should you go on a Yoga Cruise?

by on 07/14/2016 - 09:10 am
Categories: Leisure Travel, Personal Development, SPIRITUALITY, WELLNESS

Going on a yoga retreat, is one thing. And going on a Yoga CRUISE is another. For many, Yoga has proven to be an invaluable experience that’s difficult to describe in words. But doing Yoga on a MOVING vessel it is a totaly different experience. If you’ve been considering improving your life by embarking on a journey that combines yoga with meditation and other activities focused on self-transformation, then here’s why you should take a yoga cruise retreat.

PLEASE NOTE: A Yoga Cruise does not need to be on an Ocean Cruise Liner. Doing a Yoga Cruise can be done on a River or Lake also, with a very similar effect. Contact Paradise Charters for cruise on Lake Minnetonka and ...

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EXHIBITING at the NorthWest SportShow

by on 01/03/2016 - 09:59 am
Categories: Event Marketing, Leisure Travel, Variety Entertainment


13 Fishing13323 West Hillsborough AveUnit 103Tampa  FL 33635
P: (800) 508-6013F: (800)
Booth: 1326 


61 Marine & Sports11730 Point Douglas DrHastings  MN 55033
P: (651) 437-3522F: (651)
Booth: 2003 


Aberdeen, South Dakota Tourism10 Railroad Ave SWSuite 101Aberdeen  SD 57401
P: (605) 225-2414F: (605)
Booth: 945 

Above Alaska Aviation22743 South Terminal AvePO Box 821Talkeetna  AK 99676
P: (907) 733-4808F: (907)
Booth: 944 

Absolut ...

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