Lose Weight, Trim Down, Shape Up in just 12 Minutes

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Denise Austin - Get Fit, Tight and Toned!

Denise has a philosophy of a wise use of time. When you are just sitting around, DON'T just sit around... DO something. Be active and take advantage of idle time. She says, “Turn idle time into exercise time! You can tone your muscles whether you're in the kitchen or in front of the TV — no sweat required!” 


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A True Fitness Legend

During more than 30 years promoting health and fitness, Denise has created 100 workout videos or DVDs. Her enormous number of sales led to her 2003 induction into the Video Hall of Fame. Her latest workout DVDs include 2012's Shrink Your Belly Fat, Fit in a Flash, and Shrink Your 5 Fat Zones (Lionsgate), and her newest book, Side Effect Skinny: Denise Austin’s Fat-Blasting Diet, will hit shelves in November 2012 (Bird Street Books). On television, Denise has created a loyal audience with her two major television shows: Getting Fit, which ran for 10 years on ESPN and continued on under the new name Denise Austin's Daily Workout when it moved to the Lifetime Television Network. Denise appeared in Daily Workout and a second show, Fit & Lite, for 14 years on Lifetime.

In addition to her role as a popular spokeswoman for such major brands as Idaho Potatoes, Nature Made, and Skechers, Denise has championed the benefits of heart health and good nutrition throughout her career. A 2008 recipient of the American Heart Association and Woman’s Day magazine’s Red Dress Award, she has served two terms on the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and helped launch the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food pyramid guidance system. In 2012, she launched her exercise equipment line Forever Fit, a collection of 33 fitness products made exclusively for Rite Aid and sold at 4,600 Rite Aid stores nationwide.