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How FAST do Your Goals Manifest?

by on 08/30/2016 - 04:04 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching

Planting seeds in February in Minnesota is probably not a WISE idea.
A combination Lock can be opened is a few seconds IF/WHEN you have the right combination, sequence or formula.
What is the perfect "combination" for your Goal Manifestation?

Comfort inn and Suites - TIPS, Tools,...

by on 08/30/2016 - 12:51 pm
Category: SynergyCafe EPISODES

Greetings Internet Friend!
On the road from New York to Minneapolis with a stop by Green Bay to visit Lori A Andrus.

Your 'Magic Key' Solution to Health, ...

by on 08/27/2016 - 04:05 pm
Categories: Internet Marketing, Lifestyle Coaching, WELLNESS

"Brad, what exactly do you do?"
When I meet people on my travels or at social events, the conversation usually includes this question. "What do you do?"
The average person, is stuck in the "employee mindset", and can not think very far outside of the "dollar per hour" box. Until a person has experienced outsourcing tasks to other people and still keeping at least 50% of the income, they can not grasp the concept. And until a person can experience earning automated recurring income, they do not understand.
What I've summarized below, might help you to understand a little better. (Until you have shifted your mindset into that of an "investor", you will still have que ...

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Cash Flow Quadrant: Facebook LIVE

by on 08/25/2016 - 10:06 am
Categories: Business Coaching, Leisure Travel, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development

The ability to be FREE and MOBILE is my prefered DESIRE.
I am not comfortable being stuck in a single space, and limiting my income (personal value) by an "Hourly Rate". I feel my "value" is relative to the outcome from my efforts.
Also, I prefer to "collaborate" rather than competing. The universe is abundant and provides a lot of opportunity.
This is why I created the "Synergy Collaborative".
This VIDEO was created on Facebook LIVE and uploaded it onto YouTube. (I'm still learning about this Facebook LIVE Platform.)

www.FollowMa ...

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Opening a Yoga Studio - 3 TIPS

by on 08/22/2016 - 08:32 am
Categories: Internet Marketing, Lifestyle Coaching, SPIRITUALITY, WELLNESS

So... you are considering opening a Yoga Studio...
Where do you want your studio?
You might think that a busy retail space is ideal. This may help with drive by traffic, but do you actually NEED drive by and walk by traffic? A busy traffic location will COST MORE. Another thought you might consider is an IDEAL area with a "ready to tap" community of like-minded people. These days with Social Media Advertising, it is much eaisier to find other Yoga and Fitness Enthusients.
Minneapolis has a lot of unique unusual old warehouses spaces. These spaces would be much more afforable than a space on a busy high traffic area like Uptown Minneapolis. Also, on a side-note, ...

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TULUM MEXICO - 36 Hours in 6:22 minut...

by on 08/18/2016 - 08:06 am
Categories: Leisure Travel, SPIRITUALITY

36 Hours in Tulum, Mexico in Seven (7) Minutes.
This VIDEO shows 36 Hours in Tulum, Mexico in ONLY 6:22 minutes´╗┐.
If you have not yet been to Tulum Mexico, when you do go, you are in for a VERY enlightening experience. Tulum is THRIVING with energy for the mind body and spirit.
IMAGINE yourself laying on the beach, practicing Yoga or strolling though the ancient ruins of the Maya.
This brief VIDEO will give a taste of what you can expect.
(Wake your spirit and come THRIVE with us)

Come THRIVE with 'MagicBrad'.
BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM

Jeremiah Jackson Thrive Experience Story

by on 08/16/2016 - 02:45 pm
Categories: Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, WELLNESS

Congratulations Jeremiah Jackson!

Medically retired Army Veteran - Jeremiah Jackson, shares his emotional and passionate Thrive Experience! Hundreds of thousands of people all across the US, CA, and UK have experience the power of Thrive, are you ready to start YOUR Thrive Experience!?

THRIVE with MagicBrad - 612-242-6468

THRIVE with MagicBrad

by on 08/15/2016 - 11:31 am
Categories: CAREER, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, WELLNESS

3-2-1 Hey Internet Friend
This is 'MagicBrad'. I'm here in Wayzata Minnesota which is a suburb of Minneapolis located on beautiful Lake Minnetonka. I like coming out here because of the the boats in the marina and things like that. It kind of energizes me. But the reason for this video's is I want to invite YOU to take the Thrive 8-Week Experience with me.
This is a very SIMPLE nutritional program, process and products.
What you do is as soon as you wake up in the morning you
1) Take the Thrive capsules.
2) Then you wait 20 to 30 minutes (what I do is I meditate for 21 minutes) and drink the Thrive protein shake.
3) Take your shower get ready for your ...

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24 Hour Fitness: It's Habitually Livi...

by on 08/10/2016 - 10:54 am

24 Hour Fitness is not the name of a Franchise.
Granted, 24 hour fitness is the name of a gym franchise, however when I am speaking of 24 hour fitness, what I am referring to is being conscious of your health and wellness 24 hours a day.
Also what I am referring to is automating your wellness all day long so you do not need to consciously be in action mode in order to stay healthy.
Also when I am referring to fitness, I am not only referring to your health and wellness. I am also referring to your career, finances, relationships, spirituality as well as your wellness.
For my health I have a daily morning routine.
It goes like this...
I wake and take ...

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Simplicity Patterns: Controlling Comp...

by on 08/09/2016 - 12:31 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, Internet Marketing, Lifestyle Coaching

Is it possible to simplify a complex system?
In my opinion, the answer is a definite yes.
A quick analogy is the manual transmission of an automobile. Inside there are many gears and shafts and ratios and complicated elements to understand.
On the outside there is: first gear, second gear, third gear.
Pretty simple.
Often times humans tend to complicate very simple tasks. An analogy I use for the simple sales process for business is...
1) Plant the Seed.
2) Nurture the Plant.
3) Harvest the Fruit.
For my daily nutrition, I also use a simple 1-2-3 process.
1) I wake and take my Thrive Capsules.
2) I meditate for 21 minutes and drink my Thrive Shake.
3 ...

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