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SYSTEMS: Automated Repetitive Tasks R...

by on 07/31/2016 - 03:01 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, CAREER

How much TIME are you WASTING?
Today while at the checkout, at the grocery store, the young man that was bagging our groceries, leveraged the system, to accelerate the process and increase the quality of the end result. I was impressed with the way he did his job and complimented him on a task well done. To him, it must have come naturally, because he basically just shrugged off my compliment as if his grocery bagging skill was a natural gift.
How much time do you WASTE doing repetitive tasks inefficiently? Do you realize that there are some tasks that you do multiple times daily, that could save you hours and hours over your life time? Just as re-invested money has a "comp ...

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MONEY: For Good or Evil

by on 07/30/2016 - 10:12 am
Categories: Business Coaching, FINANCE

MONEY: Love it or Hate it, it is part of LIFE.
Some of us love having money, and others seem to take it or leave it, but either way, it always seems to be an element of our lifestyle. Regardless of if you are living in a huge home, on the lake, or under a bridge, you will probably need to use "money" in some way or another.
Money, to me is not good OR bad. Money is simply a measurement for the exchange of energy. Money as we know it, is used to measure and track peoples efforts, and then used as an "exchange" of energy.
As an example, and artist, may create a beautiful piece of art, and a millionaire may want that piece of art in their home. If the artist VALUES th ...

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Lifestyle Systems: Career, Finance, R...

by on 07/27/2016 - 09:28 am
Categories: Internet Marketing, Personal Development

Systems Run the Universe

There are systems for most every aspect of life. Most people do not operate consiously of the systems, but that does not mean the systems are not there.

Let's look at our body for example.

We have a circulatory system for our blood. We have a muscular system, a skeletal system, a digestive system, a nervous system etc.

Let's look at our automobiles.

They have an engine that has multiple systems with itself with the air a nd fuel mixture, the cooling system and the ignition system. There is the drive train system, the braking system, the electrical system.

Now let's look at our LIFESTYLES.Do you have systems in place?
For your CAREER or your busines ...

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Wellness Marketing: Health and Wellne...

by on 07/26/2016 - 04:34 pm
Category: Business Coaching

Business Owners are working themselves to DEATH.
A lot of business owners are operating a business that is actually running them, rather than them, running the business. With today's technology there are many ways to automate and delegate tasks and responsibilities. Outsourcing has never been more affordable. Even in an industry as large as health and wellness, a lot of the business owners are actually not very healthy because they are so stressed out operating their business. Imagine if a business owner was to create systems and use technology to do the repetitive tasks that take so much time.
We have more tips, and ideas on Automation and Delegation on our Facebook Pages ...

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5 Smart Ways to Make a Wellness and Y...

by on 07/26/2016 - 12:06 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, CAREER, Internet Marketing, WELLNESS

If you’re a yoga teacher or studio owner trying to reconcile your love of yoga with good business practices, here’s inspiration from the pros to help you take your brand to the next level. (PS: These tips work for most any business.)
1. Connect to your personal “why.”
Identify the reason 
you became a yoga teacher in the first place, says Justin Michael Williams, a marketing expert and co-founder of the Business of Yoga workshops, who has advised Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, and many more successful teachers. The “why” is the soil from which your business model and all of your offerings should grow. “It can be tempting to do a ...

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The Power of RITUAL: Why rituals work.

by on 07/26/2016 - 07:30 am
Categories: Lifestyle Coaching, SPIRITUALITY

There are real benefits to rituals, religious or otherwise.
Do you recall the last time you were about to pitch an idea, speak in front of an audience, or approach a new prospective customer. To calm your nerves, chances are you spent time preparing – reading up on the company, reviewing your slides, practicing your charming patter. People facing situations that induce anxiety typically take comfort in engaging in preparatory activities, inducing a feeling of being back in control and reducing uncertainty.
While a little extra preparation seems perfectly reasonable, people also engage in seemingly less logical behaviors in such situations.
While we wonder what a person’s co-w ...

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4-Hour Workweek Video Summary + Highl...

by on 07/25/2016 - 10:12 am
Categories: CAREER, FINANCE, Lifestyle Coaching

Life does not need to be so hard.
It really doesn't. If you would've told me that three years ago I would not have believed you. Most people have designed themselves in to a 9-to-5 grind. They do an occasional one or two week vacation, and live for the weekend. If you think about it, income has no practical application without time.

So you tell me... 
What is more valuable time or money?
In this 6 minute video, Tim Ferriss, author of the "4 Hour Work Week" explains the basics of a concept that most people (like the 9-5ers) just do not understand.

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Lisa Nichols on Rescuing Yourself, Ov...

by on 07/24/2016 - 09:33 am
Categories: Business Coaching, Personal Development

Lisa is also a best-selling author of six books and her 7th book, ABUNDANCE NOW!, published by Harper Collins, will be released January, 2016. In ABUNDANCE NOW, Lisa continues her journey with her fans, providing a clear and practical blueprint for personal success, drawn directly from the life experiences of its beloved author. ABUNDANCE NOW is the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to Lisa’s New York Times bestseller, NO MATTER WHAT.
LISA NICHOLS is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. From a struggling single mom on publi ...

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So Hum Meditation - Chopra Center

by on 07/22/2016 - 01:29 pm

Meditation is a healing practice that allows us to experience in her calm and deep relaxation.
For thousands of years people have used thousands of meditation techniques to move beyond the mind and it's constant stream of worries and memories and move into the silence and pure awareness.
This is the field of pure potential reality. By spending time each day and meditation we awaken to our own potential. We begin to feel peaceful and lighthearted. We begin to manifest lives with grace and ease.
The meditation in this video is a simple but powerful technique that uses the breath and ancient Vedic mantras.

So Hum

Interfaith Minister and Meditation Te...

by on 07/21/2016 - 09:39 am

An interview with Alan Pritz - Interfaith Minister and Meditation Teacher.

In this SynergyCafe interview, I talk with Alan Pritz. He is an Inter-Faith Minister and Meditation Teacher based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alan has his headquarters in the Uptown Minneapolis area, and he also does remote work via Skype. He does local public meditation programs, kirtan and more. He does offer a no-fee assesment opportunity to feel out if he is a good fit for the individual. He does not require a new client to invest in a bulk of programs initially. So, a new client can test the waters to see if Alan is a good fit for new prospects.