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ummm... these are LITERALLY the cheat...

by on 06/30/2016 - 11:01 am
Categories: Business Coaching, Internet Marketing

Is it just me, or is the HARDEST part of creating an awesome funnel... is THE COPY.
Yes, the headlines, sales letters / videos, upsells, ect...
In the past, most copywriters charge $15k or more just for ONE sales letter!
So - unless you're willing to pay the crazy high fees, and often even give up equity in your company, it can be REALLY hard / expensive to get good copy done for your funnels.
Well... that is until now!
You can go and see a demo webinar showing you a new software program we created that will actually write you copy for you!!! (And it isn't going to cost you $15k + equity)...
THIS is the next best thing to having ME actually sittin ...

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Where are the Social Media EXPERTS th...

by on 06/26/2016 - 10:27 am
Categories: Event Marketing, Internet Marketing

As I'm browsing around the internet (daily), I see lots and lots of those Social Media Experts that offer their talents and abilities to businesses to increase theri Twin Followers, get more "likes" on Facebook, and boost theis ranking on Google with SEO.
But where are the EXPERTS here in the Twin Cities?
They do not seem to be very visible here in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Is this because we don't have many? Or is this because the term "Expert" is a bit too presumptuous for us humble Minnesotans?  OR... is it because we in the Twin Cities know that marketing with Social Media is ALWAYS CHANGING and becoming an expert at anything that is always in flux is essentially impossible.

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