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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Caitlin Win...

by on 11/12/2014 - 02:53 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development

Caitlin Winkley WEBSITE:
ABOUT: Caitlin grew up in East Haddam, Connecticut with a vegan mother, businessman father, 4 older brothers, a dog, a cat and a huge organic garden. She's got the entrepreneurial spirit with an obsession for connecting with spirit, health, fitness, wellness and living her best life possible. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado, where you can find her getting down and dirty in the mountains during the day and then rocking heels and eyeliner by night.
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LEAD GENERATION http://www.MagicBrad.NET
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Synergy Cafe HangOut Interview with S...

by on 11/12/2014 - 10:16 am
Categories: Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development

This Synergy Cafe Interview was with Steve Beske.
Steve shares career and life resiliency strategies during these very challenging economic times throughout the US. His resiliency experience comes from more than 25 years in the corporate communications/PR industry and successfully adapting to a physical disability he has had since birth – (Cerebral Palsy). He looks forward to partnering with you and sharing experiences to help so many of us make it through these very tough times.

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LEAD GENERATION http://www.MagicBrad.NET
See Also: http://ww ...

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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Vidal Cisne...

by on 11/12/2014 - 12:52 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, CAREER, Personal Development

Synergy Cafe HangOut with Vidal Cisneros Jr. from Milwaukee, WI (just north of Chicago)
Video is a very POWERFUL media. Most brick and mortar stores do not use video, and they actually should. Today there is technology that is very affordable for the average small business to leverage the system and equipment to create a very effective marketing campaign. Vidal teaches business owners how to use video marketing to reach their target market. He has created a product called Massive Video Influence as an online program. It is important to create a harmonious blend of elements (career, relationships, finance etc)

BIO Vidal was born in Chicago, Illi ...

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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Leslie Capl...

by on 11/12/2014 - 12:21 pm
Categories: Personal Development, SPIRITUALITY

Leslie Caplan is an internationally published writer and writing coach. I met Leslie on the internet, because she replied to a Facebook post that I did about a cafe in Ubud, Bali called Bali Buda. We connected on Facebook and spontaneously jumped online and did this Synergy Cafe interview.
Writing is a powerful trek into the unknown. The process can be all-consuming. As we lay it out on the page, we can become too close to see the whole picture. We need an outside perspective, another set of eyes to gain clarity of vision. Leslie is here to strengthen the authenticity of your expression so that it echoes through the pages even when the manuscript is closed, or the project set aside. ...

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Synergy Cafe with Alison Levesley and...

by on 11/12/2014 - 08:47 am

The Synergy Cafe HangOut Interview was with Alison Levesley and Michele Cempaka. Alison is from the United Kingdom, and Michele is from Ubud, Bali. Both Michele and Alison are teaches and coaches in the area of spirituality. (CLICK HERE for a definition of SPIRITUIALITY)
Alison and Michele are working together (in Synergy) to produce a Spiritual Retreat in Ubud Bali. You can learn more about the reatreat and their individual practices and modalities from their website links below.
Alison Levesley WEBSITE Alison Levesley is an Interfaith Minister; Radio Presenter, Inspirational Speaker, Visionary, Psychic Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. It has been recog ...

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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Nathan Oxen...

by on 11/12/2014 - 03:17 pm
Category: WELLNESS

This Synergy Cafe HangOut was with Nathan Oxenfeld of Integral Eyesight Improvement. Nathan studied "The Bates Method" for eyesight improvement, and he found a lot of similarities of the benefits of Yoga, related to the benefits of the Bates Method for eyesight improvement. So, Nathan created what he calls Yoga for the Eyes.

So, who is Nathan Oxenfeld?
My name is Nathan Oxenfeld and I wore lenses for over a decade before normalizing my vision using the Bates Method. I was prescribed my first pair of glasses at the age of ten in third grade for myopia (nearsightedness) and was fitted for contacts shor ...

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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Catherine L...

by on 11/12/2014 - 09:42 am
Categories: Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development

This interview is with Catherine Louise Birmingham.
Her business reminds me of the book "It's not about the Horse" by Wyatt Webb, the founder and leader of the EQUINE EXPERIENCE at Miraval Arizona.

ABOUT CATHERINE Past international experience as an equestrian rider and trainer, have earned Catherine an esteemed reputation in Germany, Japan and Australia. Catherine has a long list of experience with training horses for Dressage but is also a gifted teacher and writer. Her love of horses began as a young girl and led Catherine to volunteer with her mother at the local RDA (Riding for the Disabled) from the age of 9 years old. She then followed her passion through Pony Club and pro ...

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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Emily Shaul...

by on 11/12/2014 - 02:04 pm

This VIDEO is a Synergy Cafe interview with Emily Shaules, the creator of a healthy energy food called "Shift Bars" -
The Emily Shaules Story ================
Emily was on 25 pills a day by the time she was 30 for everything from ulcerative colitis to fibromyalgia. Sick for almost a decade, she decided to make a shift in 2007 and try a raw vegan diet. Eating only fresh, whole foods for the first time in her life, she started feeling better within a week and was off all her medications within five months. However, this shift was not just physical - it was emotional, psychological and spiritual as well, like a veil being lifted from her eyes. For the first ti ...

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Synergy Cafe HangOut with Chee Vue (P...

by on 11/12/2014 - 09:53 am
Categories: Personal Development, SPIRITUALITY, WELLNESS

Synergy Cafe HangOut with Chee Vue (PaLiChi) WEBSITE:

During the last 8+ years Chee has been through a journey. A journey filled with spiritual and energy teachings, learning, and ancient to modern natural healing modalities. She has learned and taught to others such as family, relatives, friends, non-profit organizations, clients, as well as herself. Through this time, she has been able to work with a variety of people from different walks of life such as mentally ill and chemically dependent persons, pregnancies, persons with illnesses, children, and elders. She have experienced new life lessons, ways to living more balanced, complem ...

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Synergy Cafe Interview with Dr. Nicol...

by on 11/12/2014 - 11:53 am
Categories: Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Development, WELLNESS

Dr Nicole's WEBSITE

Dr. Nicole D'Ippolito attended undergraduate college at Trenton State in NJ. She then went on to receive a Bachelors of Biology degree with a concentration in wellness and nutrition. After experiencing the health benefits of chiropractic care Dr. Nicole then went on to attend Life University, where she graduated with honors with her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. While studying chiropractic, Dr. Nicole concurrently studied for a B.S in Nutrition. Dr. Nicole also holds advanced certification in Myofascial Triggerpoint Therapy and soft tissue pain management and is certified to conduct and interrupt Neuroconductivevelocity (NCV) testing. I ...

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