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Are you following a Leader, Guru, Coa...

by on 11/12/2014 - 11:53 am
Categories: Business Coaching, Internet Marketing

Are you following a leader guru coach into their database for email marketing and solo ads?It is no wonder why people are hesitant to enter their email address into an opt in form on the Internet.Many of these so-called marketing coaches gurus and experts are only leading people in to their email marketing database only to resell it to other marketers as solo ads.Let's clean it up you marketing professionals gurus and coaches and be more authentic legitimate straight up sincere and be more real.Stop bateing these people looking to fulfill their dreams only to get them into your own personal marketing funnel.


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True Entrepreneurs DO NOT go on Vacation

by on 11/12/2014 - 01:59 pm
Categories: Business Coaching, Leisure Travel

I have been an entrepreneur most all my life. Entrepreneurs are almost always working. I recall when I used to go to fairs and festivals when I was in the events industry I was always looking at the production of the event how many seats they sold how many people walk to the gate and how much profit margin they may have realized.We are always working even when we are on vacation. We can go on a vacation and we are still looking for creative and innovative ways to make money create the product and sell and make more money.Turn your next vacation into a PLAYcation and then get the "L" out of here and turn it into a PAYcation.


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