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This EVENT MARKETING WORKSHEET is a quick look at some of the details required when using an event as a marketing tool. Feel free to COPY it and revise it for your specific needs. -- "MagicBrad"


Published: 12/08/2009 by MagicBrad in Business Marketing

Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals!
SMART is a great acronym for creating goals that are effective. It is the “smart” way to write your goals.

How to list on MySynergyCafe

Published: 02/15/2009 by MagicBrad in Business Marketing

On MySynergyCafe you can create multiple listings about YOU and your business. You can list Events such as Classes, Seminars, Workshops, Masterminds and Retreats. You can post Classified Ads. And you can submit Articles.

Direct mail postcards are still one of the most effective promotional vehicles today. There are many "print and mail" options online to make it even faster and easier.

The restaurant industry is VERY competitive.

There are so many options of where to go out for a meal. As a consumer how you do decide where to eat? Most restaurants are challenged all year because they weren't visible or unique enough to...

When talking with a Restaurant Owner or General Manager about performing MAGIC in a restaurant, the conversation usually starts off with an expression on their face of either PUZZLED or a... "we're not doing that again" look.

12 Untapped Sources of Website Traffic

Published: 11/25/2015 by Neil Patel in Business Marketing

I get it. Sometimes, you don’t know where you’re going to get more web traffic.

You’re doing social media. You’re doing SEO. You’re running AdWords. What’s left to try?

"Our live streams are distributed through smart Cloud networking, which is able to serve every user from the server geographically closest to you, thus guaranteeing the highest quality in every country around the world." - Preston Odenbrett

With "traditional advertising" the AD is placed, and left to sit static hoping to be seen by by the target market audience.

With BRADvertising, your AD is placed and proactively, strategically and intentionally driven to the target market audience.

Write your article...

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