CO-incidence? – Breaking through the Fog


Published: 03/02/2012

by MagicBrad


This morning as I sat with my tea and iPad in the relaxed calm environment of my living room in my home in Golden Valley, Minnesota, browsing FaceBook, I became AMAZED at the plethora of negative whiny, sniveling posts, comments, forwards and “likes”. I tried to remain positive and spiritual, but the negativness kept picking at me.


I pondered the impact (negative impact) that all of this exposure is bringing into the lives of all of us that read it. We see, read and hear it everywhere in the media. Even the “social media” of FaceBook. I read the comments from these groups, some of them classifying themselves as “progressives”, only to wonder, where are they “progressing” to? The majority of posts are about the grief and sorrows that are going on in our worlds, and how relationships have gone bad. And I thought… WHY? Why highlight this news. Why perpetuate this news? Why propagate this news?


WHY is my life not moving upward and forward FASTER? How come my financial situation is not getting better? And it occurred to me, that I too was being drawn into the whining, negative victim mentality. Then I thought… listen to me. I am whining about the whiners. I’m being sucked into the vortex, and trudging through this fog, mud and slurry.


Now, for the interesting “co-incidence”.


It’s about 7:00am and I hopped into my car for a drive up to my local coffee house to pick up another tea for the drive into the office. I popped in a CD for my morning commute. The CD was from my monthly subscription to Success Magazine with Darren Hardy. The magazine is about creating a successful career. And by strange “co-incidence”, Darren was talking about the very same topic that I was just pondering. About all of the negative non-productive chatter in the media. And I thought WOW, I have go to break-through this mindset.


As I approached the neighborhood park, there was a patch of low lying fog in the road in front of me. Looking at the cloud of fog, I decided to symbolically “break-through” the sludge. I gradually pushed on the gas pedal to accelerate through the abyss and at the very moment on the CD, I hear Darren Hardy say… “break through the fog”. Co-incidence?


On the other side it was clear, calm, harmonious, positive and peaceful. It is miraculous how a message can be delivered so clearly and obviously when you take time to be still and allow the infinite mind of the YOUniverse to speak to you.


God gave us all free-will, but only YOU can change your thinking and your perception, and what you are “willing” to take into your mind and focus on. Learn how to be in control of your mind, for your overall wellness of mind, body and spirit.


What will you “post”, “share” and “like” today?

What will you propagate and perpetuate with your energy?


Be well.




aka: ”MagicBrad”